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The Author Inside You podcast

Feb 23, 2018

If you're not sure what a "Twitter Pitch Contest" is all about, you need to listen to this episode of The Author Inside You. Guest Hanna Carmack explains how these contests work and why they are so great for writers ready to publish their manuscript.

Feb 14, 2018

Worried that her family history would not live on, author Debra Yates compiled the stories her grandfather handed-down, along with years of research, into her first book. In this episode of The Author Inside You, Debra shares with us that even with poor grammar and spelling skills, you can still write a book!



Feb 7, 2018

The dynamic duo of Rick and Nancy Monsipapa recently wrote and published a motivational book for entrepreneurs. In this episode of The Author Inside You, our guest writing team hammers out tips on how to get your book written in six weeks. At the time we recorded this interview, Rick was on his way to completing his...

Feb 1, 2018

Author Judithe Little and her friends started a writing club 15 years ago and to this day they continue to meet every week! In this episode of The Author Inside You, Judithe explains what is expected of each member of her writing club and how encouragement and motivation are shared among the members. If you decide to...