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The Author Inside You podcast

Jun 28, 2017

Author Bob Adamov did not write and publish his first book until he was 51 years old. Now he has published 10 books with two more in the works. Regardless of your background or age, it's never too late to begin writing your book!

Bob Adamov

Jun 21, 2017

After winning a trip to Gettysburg, author JDR Hawkins was inspired to write a series of novels focusing on the Civil War from the perspective of a Confederate soldier. 

Jun 14, 2017

Author and dog trainer Mark Castillero joins us to explain how he used his passion for dogs to write a "how to" book. More Than a Dog Whisperer is now being used as a marketing tool and is helping Mark's business gain more credibility in his field. 


Jun 7, 2017

Author Clyde P Riddlesbrood wrote his book, "The Greatest Brochure in the World" as a promotion for his theater company. To purchase his book click on

To book Clyde and his company, call 609-377-9125